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Body Treatments

Can help with dry skin and make your skin baby soft.

Body Treatments

  • Blueberry Bliss

    The divine aroma’s will take you away, while the rich and potent blueberry soy products smooth skin and increase circulation. You will finish with a relaxing application of whipped blueberry yogurt soufflé moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated and smooth.

    full 60 minutes $85
  • Pearfect body Treament

    Pearfect your skin. Tone and soothe with a juicy puree of pears, green apples and Hungarian spices. Sugar will give you a unique exfoliation, while active herbs such as ginseng and burdock root will purify and detoxify.


    full 60 minutes $85
  • Bringing sexy back

    Experience mother nature at her best. Using exotic spices, fruits and vegetables from hungry this back treatment will increase circulation and brighten your shoulders and back. Every back treatment is customized for specific needs from acne to dry skin. Get ready to show your back off after this treatment.

    full 30 minutes $50
  • Yummy Tummy

    We begin with an application of Erbaviva and gentile skin brushing to increase circulation, gently exfoliate, and improve tonicity to your skin. Concentrated serum and deep treatment mask are applied to soothe and moisturize the abdomen. Enjoy a relaxing lower leg and foot massage as your tummy treatment takes effect.

    full 45 minutes $65
  • Shrink My Feet Treatment

    Enjoy this as a full treatment all by it itself or as an add on to your massage.  Pregnancy can take it’s toll on your feet, let us help to ease the pain and reduce the swelling  naturally. Jojoba oil infused with essential oils. Now, that is what we are talking about!   As a stand alone treatment

    As a stand alone treatment 20 minutes $35 | Enhancement to a Massage $12

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